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Is there mobile phone / WIFI coverage on the Yorkshire Three Peaks2020-11-17T11:32:48+00:00

There is currently no 5g available but good 4g on all the major networks 02, Vodafone, EE, Three.
The signal is not good on many parts of the route due to the location of the phone mast which is in the village, meaning you should be prepared for not having full overage for the whole route – problem areas tend to be between Pen y Ghent summit and Ribblehead, much of Whernside and the northern side of Ingleborough, as you descend Ingleborough back to the village of Horton the signal is quite strong in parts.

At Ribblehead 3, Three and Vodafone claim to provide 4g cover but from our experience it tends to hit and miss.  At The old Hill Inn there are only 2 providers who claim to have a signal which is Vodafone and EE (4g)

The best network provider according to their coverage claims is Vodafone.

Is there a petrol station local?2020-11-17T11:31:08+00:00

Petrol is available in Settle which is approx. 8 miles from Horton in Ribblesdale.

It is also available in Hawes (16 miles away) and Ingleton (12 miles away)

Is the region in Yorkshire Dales National Park?2020-11-17T11:27:16+00:00

Yes it is, the Yorkshire 3 Peaks falls into the Yorkshire Dales National Park and is managed and administered by the National Park Authority whose aim is to conserve and enhance the National Park and to help others to share in and enjoy it.   For more information visit: https://www.yorkshiredales.org.uk/park-authority/

What else should I know?2020-11-17T11:24:46+00:00

The route has become extremely popular for all the right reasons however with an increase in visitor numbers also comes increased traffic, litter, toilet issues and noise.  The locals are very friendly and some of the nicest and most welcoming that you will meet however their patience has been severely tested over the years by inconsiderate visitors beeping their car horns, event organisers blasting welcome music at 5am on Sat morning with pre event “warm ups” for hundreds of people whilst villagers are still asleep, local parking issues and of course the litter.

So, show respect – be that courteous hiker, say hello and where possible shop local, collect litter, park in the designated car parking areas only and always have your dog under control which means for many, keep your dog on a lead.

Is the route easy to follow?2020-11-17T11:24:06+00:00

Yes, extremely easy on a clear day however the Yorkshire 3 Peaks region is not known for its clear days!  The weather forecasts are often wrong and unless you have a map / compass or know the route you should consider joining an organised party or hire a guide.

What equipment should I wear?2020-11-17T11:23:13+00:00
  • Waterproof / bad weather clothing
  • Suitable footwear (hiking shoes/ boots / fell trail shoes / trainers such as Salomon’s/Merrill’s/Inov8 etc
  • Daysack with hip belt
  • Communications – always have a charged up mobile phone and power bank, you will be on the trail for up to 12 hours and many people run their phones down taking video/taking photos and using social media.
  • Map/compass or other method for location accuracy.
  • Enough water and food for a hard day on the hills with at least 1.5-2 litres of water
  • Hat that covers the ears – the winds on the famous peaks can be brutal at times and with driving rain to add to it, head protection is essential.
  • Walking poles – for those who know how to use them effectively
Would you recommend staying the night before attempting the Y3P?2020-11-17T11:20:50+00:00

Absolutely although there are some considerations, which are:

If you can sleep in your own bed rather than a bunk barn, hotel, or campsite you should and then get up early, drive over and attempt it

If you wish to stay locally get the best bed that you can – in bad weather, you will be glad that you did.

Avoid eating anything the night before your event that you do not normally eat and stick to the time that you usually do eat your evening meal.  We see many people turning up for our events tired having had a restless night from eating late, not picking a decent place to stay and noise from other people etc.  Choose carefully and ensure that you read the reviews of any place that you are considering staying at.

We recommend The Station Inn at Ribblehead, it has had a major refurbishment in all the available rooms and the new food menu is superb – you can mention Kuta Outdoors when you book.

Are there food outlets on the route?2020-11-17T11:14:21+00:00

There are however we always suggest that anyone who attempts the Y3P should bring there own food and water, here’s why:

The route for the majority starts and finishes in Horton in Ribblesdale where the famous Pen Y Ghent Café is, sadly it now closed for the foreseeable future so there is no refreshment facility in the village, the nearest being 8 miles away in Settle.  From the village walkers have to trek 10 miles to Ribblehead where they will meet either the Station Inn who do great food and you can buy refreshments or Pats White Van which is often parked up at the T junction, here you can buy sandwiches, hot and cold drinks and even ice cream for those hot days.  That said, there are times when Pat’s van may not be there and the pub is closed, this means another 7 miles over the summit of Whernside before you get the chance to buy something.  Again, the farmyard café at Philpin Farm may be closed too – it is rare that it is ever closed during the season, but it has been known – especially with the Covid 19 issue.   There is a pub at the 17 mile point (The Old Hill Inn) which is fabulous but again, if it is closed then you have little choice but to trek all the way over Ingleborough and back to the start – the point being is you should carry your own food and refreshments and use the available pubs/ sandwich van etc as a top up.

What kind of time could I realistically complete the Y3P in?2020-11-17T11:13:11+00:00

This depends on a few things but someone who is fit can get around the Y3P walking with few breaks in between 7-9 hours, jog/walking maybe sub 7 and for the runners who are carrying not a lot but their emergency gear they may be able to get around in under 6 hours.  Most walkers carrying a daysack with spare clothing, food and water etc should manage it between 9-12 hours.

Where are the key areas for people getting lost?2020-11-17T11:11:24+00:00

Often between Pen Y Ghent and Ribblehead however the number 1 spot for lost walkers is Ingleborough in poor weather, by far the majority of call outs to the great guys at the local Cave and Mountain Rescue centre are from this region.    At certain times of the year (often between Sept and Oct) they are often called out due to walkers who are lost with no headtorches who find themselves lost in total darkness, which in bad weather has the possibility to become a more serious issue.

Do people get lost on the Yorkshire 3 Peaks?2020-11-17T11:07:07+00:00

Yes – often, even with the new route which is very easy to follow – the reason for this is that the route is not marked in the way that some International trails are (i.e. with a Blaze/wooden marked post every hundred metres or so) and so people should carry either a map and compass / GPS device or rely upon OSMaps or even join a Guided or Marshalled group.

Why do so many people attempt to complete the Y3P when they are not fit enough?2020-11-17T11:06:09+00:00
  • To raise money for a cause
  • To attempt it
  • They just do not know how challenging it is
  • There are many reasons, but we will also go back to the statement “People overestimate their fitness and underestimate how challenging it can be”
Is the Yorkshire 3 Peaks doable for someone who is moderately fit?2020-11-15T16:00:31+00:00

Most people who fail to finish the Yorkshire 3 Peaks use the following as reasons:

  • Lack of fitness
  • Sore feet from ill-fitting footwear or other equipment issue
  • Lack of fitness (yes said twice)

Completing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks is a great achievement and one that many are able to do however those who do not often overate their fitness and durability (especially in poor weather) and under estimate how tough it can actually be (again, especially when the weather is poor)

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