Completing most endurance events  such as the fantastic Yorkshire 3 Peaks is EASY if the walker is fit and healthy and accustomed to walking for many hours

But what if you are not…?
Follow the 3 magic proven rules for success…

The key is to get out and put a few enjoyable miles in, walking should be fun right?
The hardest bit is getting committed to an event in the first place…
How many people start New Year with unrealistic goals, unrealistic because they fail to BOOK their challenge – get committed, make the payment, fill in the forms.. then watch what happens.

Here are 3 very straight forward rules for you to follow and smash your outdoor challenge goals.

Rule#1  just sign up!

Then, rule number 2..

Rule#2 create a plan – weekly goals with rewards for achievement and punishments if you do not achieve your stated objectives.

So start with a few miles..  over a few hours…. then a few more (of miles and hours) and get to walking at least 15 miles over a day carrying a daypack.. increase distance, increase duration….   to the point whereby you can walk a full day with some quality hills… or

Join a walking group or create one.

If you are booked onto a KO event or have been on past ones you are very welcome to join us on any pre-season or advertised walks (on facebook)

So, you have a plan, you are booked onto your event, here is rule number 3 and is the most important part of any achievement.

Rule#3 Do the right actions
That means action.. action is a verb.. doing stuff.. off the couch… visualise yourself (use a vision board if it helps) get others involved, share your dream, tell others about your plans.. there is a heightened chance of success if you do – then do the right actions, those things that are the key to your success – if you are doing a 30-mile hike, swimming whilst great in some areas is not a substitute for putting in the long mile days, as useful as it is for cross-training your key goals should be distance trekking – everything else is fluff, waffle, excuses and flakery, so do the right actions. 

All pre-season treks are complimentary and you are welcome to bring friends, we don’t recommend kids join us unless you are sure that they can complete the distance/s.

In answer to a question that we received on facebook which was ” do you have a walking group?”
We do not have a walking group, as such we would suggest you join your local one or even set up your own

Note – we advertise our walks on facebook find us under “kutaoutdoors”