The Pure Challenge Yorkshire 3 Peaks event is ON.
Welcome to Kuta Outdoors, we provide a range of events working closely with charities and local stakeholders.

Here is what we do when running Yorkshire 3 Peaks events:

  1. We liaise with the Park Authority (yes there is one and yes ALL event organisers should work with them)
  2. We fundraise for various events ourselves including Mountain and Cave Rescue (you can donate on the day should you want to)
  3. We encourage our clients to donate to the “Friends of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks”
  4. We engage with and foster positive relationships with local landowners and residents
  6. We also run a litter trail sweep over the whole 24.5 mile route at the end of the season
  7. We are holding a complimentary FIRST AID course on the 23rd May

We care…

Your Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge previously booked through Pure Challenge.

  1. Pay as you feel – We know you have already paid, sadly not us but a company who have gone into admin, we are not a charity and our people need paying HOWEVER we will not enforce payment in any way instead ask you to respect that an exchange should happen,  you can pay us using the link below anything between £25 and £35.00 OR come along on the day and make a donation to the park upkeep fund – the money will be spent on the new path which is located at the base of Whernside (around the 16 mile point)
  2. Welcome refreshments tea / coffee FREE – bring your own green/fruit tea bags
  3. Refreshments are available (not free) at various locations on the route (10 miles / 17 miles) from Pat  and her van at Ribblehead (10 miles) and Carol and her farmyard canteen/cafe 17 miles)  we will top up water bottles at the 7 mile point, 10 mile point and again at the 17 mile point
  4. Free rides… for those who can’t go any further.. we shall collect you and return you to the start point
  5. Free hugs – (for those who feel the need) when they crawl through the gate after completing the event…
  6. Photo’s – we take a few and will post them on the facebook page for you however it is not a priority so we would recommend you bring a waterproof camera/phone.
  7. Pre event – we are running a pre Y3P walking day on Sat 12th May – we will be taking a group up Ingleborough and Whernside catching the train back unless there happens to be transport waiting ; )
  8. Certificates will be created with a finish time which will be included for all FREE, medals can be available however we do have a small charge for them along with T Shirts which will be available on the day.
  9. Crew – are all experienced and have been with K.O. for many years and are looking forward to stepping in and enjoying a day on the peaks with you.
  10. Other…   maps/written instructions – are available on waterproof paper however we are anticipating glorious sunshine so hopefully won’t be needed.  The route is well signposted HOWEVER we are aware that even though the new route is clear on a nice day – sadly Mountain Rescue and Cave Rescue guys are way to busy with Y3P’s getting lost and finding themselves hurt in some way… which is why safety is very important to us.

Here is the plan:

Let us know using the registration form below sorry but we have to know numbers / names and the usual safety stuff)

You should arrive by 06:30 – 06:45 after parking up just come over to the registration tent (you won’t be able to miss us) Grab a brew or stand around chatting/taking selfies (as most do) until the safety brief by our event leader before setting off.

You will check in with each of the marshals who are sat on the summit of each peak with a big smile on their faces…  it is YOUR responsibility to check in… otherwise our event leader has to go scouting to find you… they don’t like doing that

All marshals carry first aid kit.

The event is over for the KO team once all are safely back and our gear is all packed away and another safe, well run and enjoyable day on the Yorkshire Peaks comes to a close.

We hope that you leave with great memories having put the issues of PC behind you but able to reflect nicely on a job well done by you and our team in getting the Y3P under your belt – safely.

The KO team.