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All about Sense
Sense is a registered charity, founded by two mums 65 years ago.
We’re here for everyone of all ages, living with complex disabilities and for everyone who is deafblind. We help people communicate and experience the world. We believe that no one, no matter how complex their disabilities, should be isolated, left out of life or unable to fulfil their potential.

What we do
We provide expert support that’s tailored to individual’s needs. That might be through our centres (day, residential, supported living), our holiday schemes and short breaks, or in people’s own homes.
Every day we help the people that we support to enjoy simple, important things like making choices, having new experiences, and living independently. This could be getting outside of the front door and paying the bus driver, playing table tennis, making friends or learning how to communicate love to your deaf and blind baby.
In addition to practical support, we also offer information and advice, and we campaign for the rights of people with complex disabilities such as overcoming loneliness or in planning for the future.

Key facts
There are around 13 million disabled people in the UK
53% of disabled people report feeling lonely every day
10 million people in the UK are living with hearing loss, 2 million people with sight loss
About 390,000 people in the UK have significant sight and hearing loss
73,000 children in England have complex needs and life-limiting conditions
Most disabled children receive no regular support outside close family and friends
Finances and how to help

Crucially, all of our work with children and families is funded by donations
In 2017-18, Fundraising generated £5.6m, and our shops generated £263,000 (net)

For every £1 received, 81p is spent on charitable services, and 19p is invested in helping Sense to generate the next pound
£450 could pay for sensory books and soft toys for 10 disabled children
£2,700 could pay for a 20 families to connect and have fun at a Family Day
£7,250 could pay for Sense to support 10 children and families for a whole year

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