Lost recovery strategiesGetting lost is far from unusual and happens often, getting lost is not the problem – not being able to recover from being lost can be, here are a few hints and tips to get you on your way safely.Stop – do not go any further
Stay calm, getting lost happens
Establish location if possible
Once you have established a plan, communicate it to all
Keep your group together
Ensure a mobile phone is on at all times, switch off those not needed
Call 999 ask for Mountain Rescue and follow their instruction
iPhone users download SARLOC (MR will use it to locate you)
Conduct a resources check, food, clothing and water shared equally
Identify a location that Mountain Rescue can access
Check available daylight and use that time wisely
Find a place to stay safe overnight should you be benighted
Ensure emergency kit, torch and spare batteries are easily accessible
Take a compass bearing to your last known position
Use 6 whistle blasts per min for rescue, heard replies are 3 blastsTo send a TEXT to 999 Send the word “register” to 999 You will receive a message about the service.
When you have read the message, reply with ‘yes’ (in a text message to 999) You will receive a further message confirming registration

If sending someone for help always send at least 2 people and ensure no one is left on their own. Torchlight – as per whistle blasts, flash the light 6 times per minute.
If rescued by helicopter shine the light onto the ground not at the helicopter.
Remain calm, remain focussed and remain positive.


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