Home Stairs Challenge

Here we go – home fitness challenge

Pick this up and start anytime – 10 weeks of progressively tougher challenges that will have your hill fit and ready to go
Do something in these dark, wet and often gloomy weeks leading towards the new year to get fitter, to get really focussed and to use the next 10 weeks productively.

The KO Home Fitness Challenge
Starts when you choose…

What is it?
A series of easy to hard step challenges that will get your heart and lung rate up, strengthen your legs, back and upper torso.

What does it entail?
Earn Bronze Silver Gold and Platinum level certificates (which we will send to you) by completing 10 weeks of home fitness exercises.

You will use any available space at home, throw some tunes on (or don’t) and complete various fitness challenges which also include home staircase use.

How does that work out?
An average set of stairs at most peoples home usually has 15 of them, some have more, some less – matters not for this winter challenge as you will be mixing it up with other exercises and for those who want more of a challenge and to push themselves.. you may be wearing a pack that weighs between 10 and 35 lbs.

Can I cheat?
Yes, fill your boots, of course you can – we often take short cuts on treks where it is appropriate, but really? Don’t cheat – just. . . do it… so.. no. ; )

Do I get a certificate?
Yes even those who take the FREE option will get a digital certificate, just keep us up to date with your achievements through our facebook or whatsapp group or simply by email – everyone who takes part will get a certificate sent to them with their name on it.

What about the paid for plan?
We have the free for all which is exactly that, some people are finding things tough right now and so the FREE plan is ideal – for those who want to pay their way and get a bit more support here is what our £35.00 plan will get you: (this is how we stay in business)

1.  A signed and posted to you physical certificate of completion with your stats on it.
2.  Inclusion into the WhatsApp and Facebook support group
3.  Weekly email hints / tips in order to keep you on track
4.  A finishers mug with your name and level achieved on it – sent to you as a Xmas present! (assuming that you are on track)
5.  Digital postcards along the way
6.  Entry to our free on the spot prize draws held along the way
7.  A planner to track your weekly efforts and record your success

Everyone who takes part will be sent the challenges as a pdf or word file for you to print and use.

The challenges are tough, you will lose count of the times that you zip up and down so have a way of recording your efforts, having a chart with a marker pen or notepad at the top or bottom of the steps. You may get bored, happens, so stick on some funky tunes and shake it up, listen to music that you haven’t heard before, try other playlists.. make it harder wear your hiking pack and go for the maximum hard core challenge by having either 10, 25 or 35lb of weight in your pack – or don’t, your choice.

Be safe, the above challenges are tough, break up your sessions, do them in bursts, take your time, have fluids available and a first aid kit – if you have any concerns about feeling dizzy or unable to complete the challenges then stop, do not go any further or do not take part. This is a light hearted approach to adding some purpose to your confinement, do take part, get others in on it and if you wish to use the challenges to raise money then let us know as we may support you (we can’t support everyone, our income has done a runner)

On the matter of sponsorship – the majority of our clients are charities and they are desperate for funds, with most of their events cancelled this virus will cause many to cease delivering precious services – so do find one, pick your own or choose from any of the charities that we have assisted – they will be delighted that you are stepping up (excuse the pun).

Send us your stair challenge photos – any that we publish may also get a freebie (we have a few outdoor bits n pieces that will give to some lucky peeps once isolation is over) so, here we go – set your target, clear the stairs, get your PT kit on and grab a certificate or three…

If you wish to make a donation to KO please do so here although it is not a fee or requirement to take part.



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