Choosing an experienced, qualified and insured mountain or fell guide

Sadly the news often carries stories of ill-equipped and unskilled walkers who have met an unwanted fate on our mountains and trails. The very best way to enjoy our outdoors and mountain regions is to hire a qualified and experienced guide, ideally, one that happens to love his or her job too… it’s infectious is enthusiasm.

Avoid – bad route planning, poor equipment choices, wrong routes for the group ability or enjoyment, or even a lack of available first aiders

Our guides have a minimum qualification level of Mountain Leader (ML) in the UK and are all outdoor first aid qualified as a minimum and insured.

Our aim is quite simply to provide you and your group with the best guiding services available, safe and challenging we will assist you in getting the very best from your outdoor experience

Why not give us a call to discuss possibility…

let’s give you a brilliant day on the peaks, trails, hills or mountains!

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