Absolutely although there are some considerations, which are:

If you can sleep in your own bed rather than a bunk barn, hotel, or campsite you should and then get up early, drive over and attempt it

If you wish to stay locally get the best bed that you can – in bad weather, you will be glad that you did.

Avoid eating anything the night before your event that you do not normally eat and stick to the time that you usually do eat your evening meal.  We see many people turning up for our events tired having had a restless night from eating late, not picking a decent place to stay and noise from other people etc.  Choose carefully and ensure that you read the reviews of any place that you are considering staying at.

We recommend The Station Inn at Ribblehead, it has had a major refurbishment in all the available rooms and the new food menu is superb – you can mention Kuta Outdoors when you book.