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Join us Sat 30th October..
Approximately 200,000 people visit the Yorkshire 3 Peaks to trek all or part of the route.
They often leave with happy memories that will remain forever, however – they also leave us with something too..


Each year KO aim to carry out a litter sweep and when we can often collect between 13 and 16 sacks full of the stuff..
The number 1 item that we find is plastic water bottles, swiftly followed by old banana skins.  We also find broken bits of walking poles and one years sweep we found a fully working GPS navigation device…

  • This year (2021) has been another busy one, with what appears to be more people on the route than previous years although we believe it not to be the case but due to the masses coming later in the season due to lockdown. The usual negative social media posts have appeared, complaining about the 3 peaks and the litter “problem” whipping up concern and contributing to the perception that there is a greater issue, but it isn’t a problem if it’s removed is it?
  • Each year the Friends of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks carry out their own litter sweeps
  • Outdoor folk walking the route often bring down bags of litter
  • Kuta Outdoors conduct a whole route sweep annually – along with a sweep of the village of Horton and the junction / pub area around Ribblehead – we also swep through Philpin farm and the area outside the Old Hill Inn.

    Can you assist?  bring a team / friends / family….?

    We need 3 teams (at least) of litter pickers one for each peak
    We have team leaders with safety kit and each team will go off and sweep each peak and it’s surrounding area (trig points/know locations where walkers go etc)We also need two lower level teams to cover Horton in Ribblesdale and Ribblehead – so if you do not fancy walking up a peak, do the easier litter pick..You will need the following items:
  • Gloves that will protect you from sharp objects
  • A litter picker (we will aim to bring a few) but do get your own if you are able
  • Warm outdoor clothing (it may be raining)
  • Refreshments (small flask etc)
  • Suitable footwear

We will also bring a pile of goodies that you may take home too, we aim to assist the Friends of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks (they do a lot for the walkers in the region and assist the National Park) with a donation (again) and as such you may win a meal for two at the Station Inn, a Merino base layer top and a few other goodies that we are yet to secure.. our raffle will be held immediately before we set off to sweep the peaks..

To take part call Phil on 07762791383 and I shall put your name down, you will be sent more information nearer the time if it is deemed appropriate (cancellation/changes etc)  let me know which team you wish to join.

We shall then enjoy a deserved pint / tea / whatever tickles your fancy in the Station Inn afterwards.


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