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If you want to provide your staff with a reachable challenge that:

  • Strengthens company brand
  • Enhances staff health and well being
  • Raises money towards good causes
  • Let’s speak – we have plenty of ideas and all the skills needed to deliver an awesome event
    Solo timings – fastest completer Team timings – fastest teams’ Highest points – team challenges won Team achieve – completing a challenge as a team can often be more than enough.
    Achieve – funkiest, brightest, most hilarious…
  • We believe that our UK wide challenges should be tough enjoyable and underwritten with safety in mind
  • We take our event management responsibilities very seriously – if we do not think that we can deliver a safe enough event, we will tell you.
  • Too much fun, toughness and even too much safety can often spoil an event too.
  • Safety is not subjective – legally we must do everything to satisfy our responsibilities and aim to do so.
  • Finding the right balance is essential.
  • Lesson number 1… the weather is unpredictable despite the predictions!
    The UK’s weather can cause mayhem even with the best-laid plans and ruin the most well-planned event (In Horton in Ribblesdale despite over 60 large water-filled barrels holding it down a huge marquee for 500 people was ripped up and thrown across the field a distance of 300 metres)
  • Pre-event fitness and health check
  • Emergency procedures rigorously checked
  • Technology – walkie talkies/mobiles tested to their limit

Finding the right balance between risk, fun and safety means having a conversation about what you really want from your event and arriving at a place that you, your board of directors and your staff are not only in agreement with but excited too

In the first instance.. let’s discuss possibility
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