As you may or may not know you have many rights to walk in many places under the Countryside Right of Way Act.

However that doesn’t mean you can walk just anywhere

Especially during certain time of the year, this being one of them – due to LAMBING season.

It was a tough year in 2013 due to the unusually long winter, which resulted in snow covered grass and almost little food for the lambs due to their moms being malnourished… but this year bodes well, a light winter,  what appears to be a warm spring (hope I haven’t spoken too soon) which means lambs… lots of them…

So here are a few tips

1. Dogs are the biggest threat, so keep yours on a lead

2. Gates – always close them when you pass through an area

3. Find alternative routes when planning routes through farmland

4. Don’t feed the lambs, their mums do an awesome job!

5. If taking photo’s don’t get too close, it tends to stress their mums!

They are very cute though… so, go careful and let them get through their young lives peacefully and safely with little interference from us the walkers…