Challenges, dates, deposits and full fees due

“Hello and welcome to Challenge #2 of The Magnificent 7 UK: the Yorkshire 3 Peaks.
This event will take place on Sunday 25thJune 2017.

In case you don’t know, The Magnificent 7 UK is a series of 7 UK-based challenges over 7 weeks: all intended to help raise funds for charity. The champion of Mag7UK is Geoff Major who, with some friends, has raised £100 000 for charity in the last 6 years and wants to end his fundraising exploits with this final and BIGGEST EVER challenge. To read more about his previous challenges, feel free to visit

If you want to take part in this challenge, you have two options:

a)      Participate and fundraise for the charity of your choice, for £46 per person, or;

b)      If you don’t want to fundraise, your fee will include a donation to each of the 7 charities I have chosen. The cost of this option is £105 per person.

Please note that I propose a £100 target as a minimum if you are fundraising for a charity of your choice.

T-shirts: Please select your size t-shirt when you book your place.

The main part of your fee will cover the expert organisation and leadership that the Kuta Outdoors team provides; a Magnificent 7 UK t-shirt for each participant, and a minimum £2 donation to the “Friends of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks”,  to assist with the upkeep of the trail. The remaining balance will go towards ensuring we have insurance cover for you as individuals as well as public liability insurance for others, and to cover some small administrative costs in setting up the unique challenge series of the Magnificent 7 UK.

Whilst the idea is that the vast majority of people will want to trek the Y3P’s, over approximately 12 hours, there can also be a group created if there are enough who want to try to beat the 8-hour mark. Please think carefully before selecting the 8-hour group as the Y3P’s are, in themselves, challenging enough for most people.

The Yorkshire 3 Peaks are very exposed and, as always, the weather cannot be guaranteed. Please ensure therefore that you have trained appropriately; have suitable clothing and footwear, and plenty of food and drink (no alcohol allowed). That way you’ll enjoy rather than endure the day.

I look forward to seeing you; whatever charity you’re supporting.

Distance: 24.5 miles and 7604 metres in height.

Start & finish: Horton-In-Ribblesdale

Regular walkers start time: 7am (for 12 hours)

Speed walkers/runners start time: 9am(for sub 8 hours group)

Car parking: £3 at a nearby location to our starting point.


Remember you don’t have to fundraise for the charities I’ve selected: you are able to fundraise for whoever you want to.
If, however, you’re not going to fundraise at all; please note the non-fundraising figure you need to pay to take part.

Or payment in full unless otherwise agreed by following the link below:

To book please follow the link below:

Book here